Standing out from the crowd: Wildcard Silks

As a new business owner, Katy needed a WooCommerce website that would help her luxury silk fashion accessories brand get seen by customers and corporate buyers alike.

“I needed a website that would get me noticed.”

Created by Katy Chubb, Wildcard Silks is a British brand which sells luxury printed silk scarves, ties, and pocket squares featuring Katy’s illustrations. As a new startup, Katy needed a custom site ecommerce site that would both to sell her products and showcase her brand.

Katy says: “I was very impressed as I wanted a website that differed from the mainstream and was altogether unique.

“The design is sleek and stylish and very easy for customers to navigate. If I had gone for a generic template, I would have struggled to add the lookbook and other small touches.”

“It’s far better than I could have imagined.”

Since the new site went live, Katy has been able to share her brand with investors and third-party sites – even scoring a spot selling through online platform

“I needed to bridge the gap from a new, unknown business to having a great point of reference to send potential investors while being able to sell through ecommerce,” Katy told us.

“Buyers have been very impressed by the website, and they even sent me a personal email explaining how excited they are for us to work together.”

I feel very happy to have the support with any issues, which is a great relief. I know I can direct people to my website with confidence. Worth every penny. Thank you.

Katy Chubb

Katy Chubb
Wildcard Silks