Portfolio: JM Hosting

Jon McNamara-Dale has been selling hosting since 2003 - but in 2005 Jon approached Differnet Design with the brief to produce a corporate identity for his new startup company: JM Hosting.

The logo itself needed to reflect the modern nature of his business as well as transfer well between web, print and fax media (pretty much the standard for all logo briefs...).

Jon was so pleased with the end result that in early 2006, we were commissioned to produce a Valid XHTML website for the business.

The result is a website that not only successfully communicates the JM Hosting brand - it also works on all modern browsers and platforms (while still degrading gracefully on prehistoric browsers).

The use of coding standards will secure the fact the website will continue to look as it was designed - even when technology changes.

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"For a WordPress developer, you've got an awful website."

I'm working on it...